Cars : Wheel Alignment & Balancing

  How did you spend your 31st of August today? I spent half of the evening trying to find a tyre shop that’s open on Merdeka hols. To my suprise, all the tyre shops I knew around Bangi were closed, including the one nearest to my house. I remembered that I kept a number of a … Continue reading

Another appointment at Hospital Selayang

Yesterday my dad had a followup with the specialist. Standard procedure, register at 915am. Appointment at 1030am. Finished at the pharmacy by 1145am. The duration with the specialist? Not even 10 mins! 

First entry in Buy & Sell : Honda Accord 2.0 iVTECH 2005

 Please refer to the ‘Buy & Sell’ page. Tq.

1hr 37mins

Hmmm… either I was driving faster than yesterday or the jam was not as bad. Well, neither to be exact but the main reason for beating yesterdays time of 2hrs++ was due to the fact that I left the office at 4.45PM. Though I did reach home an hour earlier compared to yesterday, the rain … Continue reading

KL – Bangi : 2hrs 17mins

A new movie? Naaaah! Thats how long it took me to drive home from the office yesterday. Although I drove out at 5.30PM, right after the heavy downpour in KL, the jam just couldn’t have been worse. Around 630PM (I had only reached somewhere in Sg Besi by then), a freind called (she was on … Continue reading

What does MERDEKA mean to you ?

Independence? This was a topic discussed yesterday during a short gathering with some freinds aged between 24 – 54. Everyone had their own opinion & ideas. Generally, the meaning of independence is more than freedom. It could mean a million things, things that we would have never thought about had we not discussed & exchanged … Continue reading

Buy & Sell page

Since its almost every other day I get good offers from my aquaintances which at times are just too good to resist but of most that I must turn down (coz some of the stuff that they need to buy from me or want to sell of does not happen to be within my resources … Continue reading

AIA and Aviva come out tops

as published in The Star, Thursday, 17th August 2006 : THE Ministry of Health (MOH) yesterday released information on five medical insurance companies to make it easier for consumers to choose which policy suits them best.   The figures show that NTUC Income is the slowest when it comes to settling claims, with only 1% … Continue reading

Gone were the days when …

you had to bring a whole box of 1.44MB diskettes just to save powerpoint files for a certain lecture you were playing a few levels of a pc game and had to open the floppy drive to “insert Disk #2” you had to insert the diskette labled ‘DOS’ before you could insert any other diskette … Continue reading

‘Lepas Geram’ on ERA

I listened to this slot on my way to the office this morning. One lady caller was very very very angry about negative reports on a new artist who had just won 1st place on a local TV reality show. I’m sure some of you heard this slot on air too. Anyway, she was really … Continue reading