Yunie & Shafiq’s Wedding

What can I say? CONGRATULATIONS ! May you both live happily ever after… Yun is my officemate for the past 5 years or so. I hope they’ll both have many many joyful & wonderful bonding moments in thier future together as eternal soulmates. The wedding was fantabulous (a term from Azman Nayan = Fantastic + … Continue reading

The queue at govt hospitals

I woke up at 5.30am this morning to send my dad for his followup appointment with one of the gaestrologists at the Selayang Hospital. The appointment was scheduled at 10am but since there were some road closures in KL this whole week, I decided it was better to be there early. So, by 830am, we … Continue reading

Another 13 flats…

Damn !!! They did it again! The same scenario as last week on my way to work this morning. Coincidential? I don’t think so… Who are these culprits? There are thousands of innocent victims at state here. Something has to be done but who, what, how and when? There were at least half a dozen … Continue reading

ISETAN tomorrow?

The SALE IS ON !!!  I plan to visit the one in KLCC tomorrow. Need to get some new shirts – if the PRICE & SIZE both fit. hehe! Why @ KLCC? Well, its near the office, lots of choices & i’ve to go back late coz attending a wedding at night. So, see u there !!! … Continue reading

16 flats in less than 5km ???

Yup. Thats a fact folks. I counted it myself on the way to work last thursday on the PLUS highway right after the Sg Besi toll plaza !!! If it was a few motorcycles, fine.. that might just be genuine. But not 16 in a row !!! And as always, there just happened to be some others … Continue reading

Nicknames anyone ???

I just happened to pop by my friend’s blog (Zulkifli) :  It never amused me to have a circle of networks and colleagues having high variety of nick names, as we were so used to it ever since in high school, until one day when I made some phone calls to some old friends from high … Continue reading

Doctor ???

You may all be wondering .. why ‘drNaz’ ??? Well, as you can see, there’s no ‘.’ after the dr, meaning I’m not a medical doctor. Nor do I hold a PhD (not yet for now…. hehe!). So, I don’t want those of you who visit my web to get the notion that I’m one of those … Continue reading