What 1 RINGGIT will get you these days…

An email from Nazzary Rosli, a senior in school & a CFP.

Just to share with you all about my experience yesterday…

My car give a funny sound and so i decided to go to work by bus and to my surprise the bus fair is only RM0.90 !! It is a nice and new bus (Metro-i heard sdara is the GM of Metro Bus).The fare used to be RM2.50.I gave RM1 note to the conductor and i still get a change of 10 cent!!(i was informed later that the fares came down because of the competition with Rapid KL)

When i reach the office an old college friend ring me for breakfast.He came by on his brand new 7 series with a driver.I am proud of his achievement.I bring him to a restaurant where i have a “signing” facility at my office in Menara Olympia and at the end of the breakfast meeting he insisted to pay the bill of RM30.

Later I had to chair a meeting during the lunch time and we proceed to the canteen after the meeting.At the end of the lunch,one of our board members pays for the lunch for all of us.

In the evening before taking the bus home,i drop by at a restaurant for my “sin” activity…TT session.I decided to ask for a kopi-O and roti canai.And to my surprise again the cashier ask for RM1 for the bill !! I thought there is something wrong somewhere and only later i found out that the restaurant is having a promotion to attract customers.

And when i reach the bus stand i am so happy that the bus is waiting for me instead of i have to wait for the bus…and guess what…it only cost me another RM0.90 for a ride home which is 20 km away from the city.(It cost me RM12 a day to travel by car or about 4 hours to walk one way…)

Business competition can really be a blessing to all of us…better services and cheaper price to pay.

All in all it cost me RM2.80 to survive yesterday in the big city of Kuala Lumpur.Interesting….how nice if i can repeat it everyday!!

So…don’t forget to check your wallet and if there is a RM1 note in it…just see what RM1 can do these days…to you !!

3 Responses to “What 1 RINGGIT will get you these days…”
  1. Jonnie Psuik says:

    Disappointed to see Mirko Filipovic loose.

  2. jerrodperk says:

    Cromartie is hurting this National football league regarding his frame of mind in addition to manoeuvres.

  3. Excellent piece for new dog owners like me who want to know about looking after their animal. There seems to be so much to know that it is overwhelming, but sites like this really help. Cheers!

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